Water waves are the source of inspiration
of this collection ACQUA that reminds us shimmering
light on the surfacewater caused by a drop of water…

Cuff bracelet ACQUA - Crystal - Gold

My Super Charms

For many years now, our creative studio has been designing collections of charms with such powerful symbols that they make all the women of Agatha Super Women! These small pendants have to be associated with multiple bracelets, chains and earrings developed exclusively to offer you dozens of combinations to mix according to your desires ... And as the trend of the moment is the layering, let's try the accumulation of necklaces or bracelets of different shapes and sizes !

Ombre Wave

Camille, 28 ans, model
A delicate collection with voluptuous lines


Magical evening


Silver necklace


Openings of present

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Starry Night

Starry pattern for astral collection !